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How do I create an announcement? - Front End Method
Last Updated 3 years ago

This is the front end method meaning you can see what you are doing as you do it. However it can be slower at times so be patient if you choose this method! Please edit the site in google chrome, that browser works the best and has the least glitches.

  1. Log into the UDA site

  2. Go back to the main site

  3. Choose the option to edit with visual composer

  4. Copy an announcement

  5. Edit the new announcement

  6. Write your new announcement using heading 3 for the title and paragraph for the body!

  7. Save and close your new announcement.

  8. Copy a new separator to put between announcements.

  9. Move the separator between your new announcement and the next latest one. WARNING YOU MAY ENCOUNTER THE GLITCH SHOWN BELOW. IF YOU ENCOUNTER THIS GLITCH, JUST MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STEP!

  10. Publish your new edit.

  11. Once its done loading you can then press the X button in the top left corner and stop editing. It should look like the below photo. If it does not, then you may have missed or messed up a step.

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